Introductory & Relationship Management

AIMP assists its clients in developing their Middle East business by introducing them to investors who have a need for their products. Focus is on the largest central banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and supranational organisations.

AIMP does not typically solicit business. Our current client base is built on referrals, our reputation and on our proven ability to match managers products with investor needs. We limit ourselves to representing fewer than ten managers at any time, thereby allowing for the development of a close working relationship with each client.

We fully understand the importance of maintaining client relationships by continuing to focus on the relationship management side with investors, allowing managers to concentrate on managing their funds and generating alpha. For many of AIMP’s manager clients, this is an important differentiating factor to other third party marketers and placement agents.

AIMP prefers to work with managers on an exclusive basis, we believe this reduces the chance for investor confusion which often arises when they are contacted by multiple marketers representing the same manager.

Selection Process

Prior to choosing to work with a manager, we first establish whether there is a need for one or more of their products. We take the time to develop a thorough understanding of the investment strategy so we can successfully match to an investor needs.

We typically meet bi-annually with senior managers at the investment institutions. These face-to-face meetings generally take place in their offices in the Middle East, and are focussed on listening to their requirements. These visits are not sales trips; little, if any, marketing takes place. Such meetings enable us to evaluate whether AIMP’s existing managers and product offerings are still relevant, and to establish what other product needs they may have.

Our business is based solely on referrals, our reputation and our proven ability to find the right investment products for our investors. Whilst AIMP does not solicit new managers, we are regularly contacted by managers who seek assistance in their Middle East sales efforts. Those managers who satisfy our internal criteria enter into our database and are contacted if and when a suitable opportunity arises.

Relationship Management

AIMP provides guidance and support throughout the investment process, from initial contact to portfolio reviews. Meetings with investors are usually accompanied and managers are supported throughout the relationship-building process.

Unlike many introducers, AIMP does not end its relationship with managers once mandates have been won; we continue to work with them while assets remain invested and beyond.